Gate of Podrinje

Gate of Podrinje

If you are traveling from Valjevo to Bajina Bašta, the Gate of Podrinje is a viewpoint where you should stop in order to make a couple of phenomenal pictures. The beautiful view from Debelo Brdo(Fat Hill) Mountain to the Drina River valley that separates Serbia from Bosnia and the surrounding mountains is truly breathtaking. This is one of the possible stops if you hire us for a private excursion or transfer from Belgrade in the direction of Mokra Gora and Tara National Park.

Keep in mind that this mountain road is quite winding and there are a lot of changes in altitude, so if you take the car ride badly, we recommend you take some car sickness pills.


Gate of Podrinje(Drina Valley) is located about 140 kilometers from Belgrade, which is about two and a half hours drive. Before reaching this location you can visit the small town of Valjevo which is an hour and a half drive from Belgrade.

Bajina Bašta

After the Gates of Podrinje, it descends from the mountain in about half an hour directly to the small town of Bajina Basta famous for the House on the Rock located in the middle of the Drina River.

When to visit Gate of Podrinje

Each season offers a completely different view from the Podrinja Gate. Spring and summer when everything is green in the surroundings is a beautiful sight. But even in the autumn before the leaves fall, the view is even more colorful. Winter and snow are a special story but sometimes in winter, because of heavy snow, this road is not recommended. But we would point out that after the rain, it is definitely the most beautiful scene due to the haze that is being created at the bottom of the mountain.


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