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You can hire a Belgrade Chauffeur for your private sightseeing tour in Serbia by car. We are at your service for your beautiful private day-trip from Belgrade, return or one way. Our experienced drivers know good all the attractions and tourist places in Serbia and you can easily discuss with them what you want to see on your sightseeing excursion. With us, any private tour in Serbia is fully flexible because it is an hourly rated journey.

Sightseeing tour by car

Private Tours

Any day-trip in Serbia with us is completely your private tour without unknown participants.

Custom-tailored day-trip

Suggestions are ours but the decision about what you will visit and for how long is yours.

Fully flexible

On your sightseeing journey, you can stop for rest, lunch or taking a picture whenever you want.

Attractions in Serbia

We can visit together any attraction in Serbia. We know all places of interest such as historical, natural and other.

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Monasija Day trip

The most popular destinations in Serbia

  • Zlatibor
  • Uvac Lake
  • Tara National Park
  • Mokra Gora and Sargan Eight
  • Bjina Basta and Drina River
  • Novi Sad
  • Subotica
  • Fruska Gora
  • Golubac Fortress
  • Manasija Monastery
  • Maglic Fortress
  • Resava Cave
Sightseeing in Serbia